VoyageProject: Master Thesis’ Case Study, University of Bologna

The Voyage Project has been chosen as case study subject for the final dissertation of the Master Degree in Local and Global Development of the University of Bologna, School of Political Science, presented by Mara Corbella.

The dissertation (available in Italian in Publication area), entitled  “Monitoring and phasing out in the perspective of project sustainability of international cooperation: the case of the Erasmus + project "Opportunities for the Young and Graduates Employability in Vietnam"", focuses the attention on the fundamental role of the monitoring and of the evaluation procedures of international cooperation projects and of the reports carried out during the project life.  Such documents are precious source of information contributing to guaranteeing the quality criteria of a project, such as ownership, empowerment and sustainability.

The monitoring and evalutation tools are applied to the case study Voyage by focusing on part of the management and review reports, produced during the implementation of the activities. The review of the project reports makes it possible to identify the positive contribution determined by the constant monitoring of the activities and any eventual deficiency  in the use of the revision tools or in the dissemination process.



On March 19, 2019, at the University of Hanoi, a ceremony was held to sign the cooperation agreement between the University of Hanoi and the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises of Hanoi-HanoiSMEs.

The event saw the participation of Mr. Mac Quoc Anh -Vice President of the Association- and Ms. Le Thi Kieu - Deputy Head of the Office of the Association-, of the Rector of Hanoi University-  Professor Nguyen Van Trao-  and of the Deputy Rector -Associate Professor Pham Ngoc Thach-  and of representatives from the University faculties  and Department. The Italian Linguistic and Cultural Center and the International Mobility Center of Hanoi University witnessed the signing ceremony.

According to the cooperation agreement, the University of Hanoi the will train the graduates in line with the Association of enterprises needs and will thus help a better match between the university supply and the local companies  demand for qualified human capital to hire.

The two sides will work together to participate in national and international projects, to organize competitions to find talented students, help the creation of start-ups and to create refresher courses for companies employees and managers.

The Association of small and medium-sized enterprises, on the other hand, is committed to provide entrepreneurs and lecturers at the University of Hanoi to open the dialogue on vocational guidance. HanoiSMEs will receive and create favorable conditions to support HaNU students for internships and internships at companies.

As underlined by the Rector of Hanoi University,  the agreement will strengthen the reputation of the University of Hanoi and the professional activities of the Association of small and medium enterprises of Hanoi in society and create a room for long term cooperation between the parties, by carrying out joined activities every year.

Following the agreement, HANOISMEs companies will register into VOYAGE platform ( for free use of the platform services –search the graduates to hire and job/internship offer posting-.


The link to the event is available at:




On Summer 2018 three new Universities was successfully integrated in Voyage Platform that is now composed by a network of 6 Vietnamese Universities: the Hanoi University of Home Affairs, the Halong University and Hanoi Tourism college (the first entering the platfom on June 2018, the other two on July 2018). 

Below a brief description of the newcomers:

Hanoi University of Home Affairs. 

Founded in 1971 and spending many phases of its development, Hanoi University of Home Affairs (hereinafter HUHA) is a public university, directly under the management of Ministry of Home Affairs. HUHA has main functions of training and offering refresher courses for human resources of high quality at tertiary and post-tertiary level in such fields as State Management, Public Administration, Human Resource Management, and Archives & Records.

In the University Strategic Development Plan towards 2030, HUHA aims to fufill its missions: To offer good opportunities to every student to meet a various learning demand with muti-level and multi-disciplinary training forms; and to provide sufficient human resources for the public sector and for the society as a whole.

The University webpage is available at:

Halong University

Halong University (HALOU) is a public university belonging to the People's Committee of Quang Ninh Province. Ha Long University currently has two campuses: The first campus is located in Uong Bi City and the second one is located in Ha Long City with more than 40 km distance. The school is established by multi-level and multidisciplinary. The school's mission is to provide highly qualified human resources in science, technology, economics, education and human society; Is a center for science research and technology transfer for socio-economic development of Quang Ninh province and the northern plain region. The school not only provides learning opportunities for young people in Quang Ninh but also attracts young people from all over the country for training and jobs. HALOU currently has 5,000 students studying in the fields of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Hotel Management, Restaurant Management and Catering Services, Traveling and Tour Guiding , Information technology, Aquaculture, Natural resources and environment management, English, Chinese, Japanese, Cultural Management, Social Work, Pedagogy and Arts…HALOU has been trying to provide good education programs for learners with the standard of students after graduation must have professional qualification, ability to work in foreign languages, adaptation to new scientific and technological advances and modern working environments with creative capability and high competitiveness, responsibility and international integration.

The University webpage is available at:

Hanoi Tourism College

Formerly known as Tourist Hotel Worker School, Hanoi Tourism College was founded on July 24, 1972 as the first national school to offer training in the tourism industry. The College provides professional training in all areas of hospitality and tourism from entry level positions through to management, as well as conducting research and providing advice in the area of socioeconomic development for the tourism industry. Since its foundation, Hanoi Tourism College has gained a reputation as a leading school in providing training for this industry. The College continues to provide its students with solid industry knowledge, strong professional skills, foreign language skills and pride in Vietnam’s growing tourism industry. Hanoi Tourism College provides students with the opportunity to participate in international competitions including ASEAN and world skills contests. The high results achieved at such competitions demonstrate the professional training provided by the school. Many of the teaching staff have been trained abroad and hold high level qualifications in industry related fields. Thousands of alumina is now demonstrating the knowledge are skills learnt at the College through employment gained at both entry level and management in a variety of tourism industry sectors. This marks the achievements of generation to generation of the teaching staff and students of the College, the driving force for the “HTC” train to continue moving forwards. Currently, HTC is consists of 8 faculties: Hotel and restaurant management, Travel and tour guide management, Food production management, Finance and Accounting for tourism, Foreign languages for tourism, Fundamental education subjects, Industrial core subjects, Information technology for tourism.

The University webpage is available at:

The joining of the new universities is an important achievement for the Voyage Project, a sign of interest towards the web platform and a new opportunity for the graduates' insertion in Vietnamese labour market and for the Vietnamese companies to hire qualified graduates in state management, administration  and human resources fields, toursim, science research and technology. 

The integration of the Universities was technically done by the IT staff of the HANU University, hosting the Voyage Platform in Vietnam.



Sustainability Plan to be Signed by Voyage Consortium

The Sustainability Plan and Future Strategy of the 561656 VOYAGE Project will be signed soon by the Consortium members on the occasion of the forthcoming Project meeting to be hosted by the University of Padua on April 9-14. 

The plan, as a part of a whole report, details:

-the Future Perspectives of Sustainability of the VOYAGE system

-the  Project Consortium Decision for platform maintenance and functioning beyond project completion,

-the Distribution of tasks according to Consortium Member

-the Sustainability Strategy of the Voyage Consortium

- the Simulation of Sustainability Budget of VOYAGE Consortium

-the Contribution of the 561656 Project European Partners to Voyage Project Sustainability


In the Steering Committee meeting held in Hanoi at Post and Telecommunication Institute of Technology (PTIT), on November 7 2016, the issue of 561656 project sustainability was discussed in presence of the Vietnamese Project Consortium members. The beneficiary Universities of HANU, NUAE, PTIT and Hanoi Industrial Export Processing Zones Authority - Center for Enterprise Support and Services (HIZA-CES) agreed to centralize the 561656 Voyage Platform at HANU University. The aforementioned partners signed the Sustainability –Memorandum of Understanding for platform hosting on November 29, 2016. 

The 561656 project plays an important role in monitoring the higher education system in Vietnam and in creating job opportunities for the Vietnamese graduated students. Thanks to the project the beneficiaries are endowed for the first time with a tool (Voyage Platform) conceived at the scope. The sustainability strategy implies for its implementation period the commitment of the Consortium Members to accomplish the actions required for VOYAGE Project management and the strength of the Vietnamese Consortium to improve the participation of new stakeholders in joining the platform.

The strategy aims at increasing the number of the universities joining the platform also from other regions of the country together with the number of companies, with a preference towards the enrichment of the different economic sectors represented by the registered firms. 



Dissemination event and Project meeting at NUAE, Hanoi, Vietnam, 23-27 October 2017

From 23 to 27 October 2017 took place at National University of Art Education, Hanoi, Vietnam the Voyage Project Conference Opportunities for the young and graduates employability in Vietnam”. The main topics of the five days meetings were the dissemination of the Project, the involvement of new stakeholders and meetings “face to face” between Vietnamese enterprises and universities.

The first meeting day was extremely significant, interesting and fruitful thanks to the participaction of very important public actors. Among those who delivered speeches we would like to mention the presence of Mr. NGUYEN VAN PHUC, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Education and Trainings, the S.R. of Vietnam; Counsellor Natalia Sanginiti from the Italian Embassy in Vietnam; Mr. Pham Hoang Hai, Executive Director of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam and Ms. Anna Maria Nguyen, Head of Desk Emilia-Romagna/Italy in Binh Duong and Representative of Becamex in Europe.

At meeting participated as well representatives of new stakeholders, as Ha Long University, Ho Chi Minh City Open University, representatives of business community and Vietnamese students.

The main results of the meeting:

-Workshop on labour market and higher education in Vietnam (monitoring enterprise skill needs and internship promotion-WP.5.1.): intensive discussion between academic world representatives with more than 50 participants (mainly enterprises and student community). The Vietnamese Ministry of Higher Education, Italian Embassy, Italian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, UnionCamere Emilia Romagna as well as to the representatives of other universities not part of Voyage Consortium opened the first day session.

-Focus group with companies-more than 20 companies attended the focus group. The main topic of the focus group was based on the contents of the questionnaire developed by University of Padova and available on line for enterprises ( );

-Focus group with students-40 students took part to the focus group.  The main topic of the focus group was  the internship experience and the related best practices to be implemented.

The results of the monitoring activites will be sistematized in a Report on “Skill needs and internship promotion in Vietnam”.


Voyage platform transfer

on September 19, 2017, as planned, the Voyage platform was successfully transferred in Vietnam, hosted by Hanoi University! the platform is now available for students and companies registration at:




In the framework of 561656 Project WP.5. “Develop Monitoring Tools for University-Enterprise Partnership and Employability” a survey has been launched. The scope of the survey is to provide a feedback on the demand for skills by companies and on the best practices for internship promotion in Vietnam. By replying to the questionnaire companies can give their contribution to the improvement of labour market in Vietnam

The link to the survey is available for fill out  in english and vietnamese from July 31 2017 at:

Companies are invited to provide their feedback to the online survey!



On 24th July, 2017, in Bologna, at Unioncamere Emilia-Romagna, the “Vietnam-Italy economic cooperation roundtable” took place with the participation of the Italian Association in charge of promoting Italy-Vietnam cooperation (as ERVET, UCER Emilia Romagna and the Turatti Pacific Company), the Vietnamese Embassy in Italy, the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade  and business representatives from Vietnam, active in the handicraft, especially fashion and ceramics sectors.

The meeting was an opportunity to present the economic characteristic of Emilia Romagna Region, to enlarge the information exchange regarding the investment opportunities as well as future business collaborations.

On that occasion, the AlmaLaurea Consortium was invited to present the Project and  the Voyage platform for matching supply and demand of qualified human resources. The Vietnamese companies found the initiative very interesting as a new opportunity that allow them to search for Vietnamese graduates to employ, as well as a new form of collaboration between business sector and local universities. The Project coordinator AlmaLaurea invited the delegation to take part to the forthcoming project meeting to be held in Hanoi on the 3rd week of October at NUAE.

The press release is available at:



Dissemination Event and Project Meeting-Bologna May 22-26 2017

The Meeting opened up with a Dissemination event that took place at Unioncamere Emilia Romagna and was addressed to the presentation of the Voyage Project and to the discussion of the issue of University-Enterprise cooperation in Europe and Vietnam. Italian companies investing in Vietnam, the Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Italy, the Office for enterprises internationalization of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also took part to the event. The AlmaLaurea study on the Vietnamese graduates' in Italy was delivered to participants while in the round table the relevance of counselling and guidance tools to university choice in Vietnam and  the need to improve language skills and of soft skills of the young people to improve employment opportunities of the young was addressed. Autonomy of the universities, provide open information on the job market, scholarships for students mobility are key elements in enhancing university enterprise cooperation and employability in Vietnam.  The   press release of May 22 meeting together with the presentation released is available at:


Project Meeting was addressed to the Intensive training, delivered by the AlmaLaurea IT experts to the IT staff of the 3 beneficiaries universities of HANU, PTIT and NUAE plus HIZA-CES and aimed at transfer all the technical tools on how to manage the platform locally.  

In the Steering Committee the issue of Project sustainability was widely discussed with the coordinator AlmaLaurea presented in details how AlmaLaurea guarantees its sustainability with the growing number of universities joining the consortium and new services provided to companies. The issue of pushing new comers in the platform and enhance the N of registered students and companies as baseline for future project sustainability was highlighted calling for the implementation of ad hoc dissemination strategies.


May 26 was addressed to Meeting at the University of Bologna  where the Vietnamese delegation met the Delegation for International Relations with Asia. UNIBO, PTIT and HANU presented the state of art of cooperation between Italy and Vietnam. The idea to foster cooperation between UNIBO, AlmaLaurea  and the Vietnamese Universities with the planning of future cooperation programs was discussed and welcomed. 



Company registration in Voyage Platform!

On February 2017, HIZA CES organized a meeting with the Vietnamese companies to present the Voyage Platform. The Voyage Platform is an innovative tool at disposal of companies free of any charge for finding the best candidate. Companies will access the online graduates CVs, which are certified by the belonging universities, and search and compare the graduates according to their university, faculty and degree level and to a rich set of searching parameters. Also companies can publish job offer online and receive the graduates’ CVs, to be organized directly in the voyage Platform. 

At now more than 20 Vietnamese companies registered in the Platform. On May 2017, the Platform will be presented to Italian Companies investing in Vietnam on the occasion of a dissemination meeting to be held in Bologna (May 22-26, 2017).