Dissemination event and Project meeting at NUAE, Hanoi, Vietnam, 23-27 October 2017

From 23 to 27 October 2017 took place at National University of Art Education, Hanoi, Vietnam the Voyage Project Conference Opportunities for the young and graduates employability in Vietnam”. The main topics of the five days meetings were the dissemination of the Project, the involvement of new stakeholders and meetings “face to face” between Vietnamese enterprises and universities.

The first meeting day was extremely significant, interesting and fruitful thanks to the participaction of very important public actors. Among those who delivered speeches we would like to mention the presence of Mr. NGUYEN VAN PHUC, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Education and Trainings, the S.R. of Vietnam; Counsellor Natalia Sanginiti from the Italian Embassy in Vietnam; Mr. Pham Hoang Hai, Executive Director of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam and Ms. Anna Maria Nguyen, Head of Desk Emilia-Romagna/Italy in Binh Duong and Representative of Becamex in Europe.

At meeting participated as well representatives of new stakeholders, as Ha Long University, Ho Chi Minh City Open University, representatives of business community and Vietnamese students.

The main results of the meeting:

-Workshop on labour market and higher education in Vietnam (monitoring enterprise skill needs and internship promotion-WP.5.1.): intensive discussion between academic world representatives with more than 50 participants (mainly enterprises and student community). The Vietnamese Ministry of Higher Education, Italian Embassy, Italian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, UnionCamere Emilia Romagna as well as to the representatives of other universities not part of Voyage Consortium opened the first day session.

-Focus group with companies-more than 20 companies attended the focus group. The main topic of the focus group was based on the contents of the questionnaire developed by University of Padova and available on line for enterprises (http://websurvey.unipd.it/survey/index.php/542295?lang=en );

-Focus group with students-40 students took part to the focus group.  The main topic of the focus group was  the internship experience and the related best practices to be implemented.

The results of the monitoring activites will be sistematized in a Report on “Skill needs and internship promotion in Vietnam”.

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