The Voyage Project Research meeting took place in Bologna at AlmaLaurea, from December 11-15, 2017. The meeting, dedicated in particular to Vietnamese partners, aimed at discuss  the preliminary results of  the pilot survey about Graduands and Graduates delivered from the 3 universities (HANU, NUAE, PTIT) and at re-train the researcher on the main steps to be followed in order to deliver the final survey.  Researchers from the 3 universities (2-3 people for each university) presented the report and main discussion opened on the main issue related to survey delivery : sample to be chosen, data matching, exclusion criteria, graphical presentation, structure of the written report crfitical points and suggestions for next survey. The impact of the report at national level on the main stakeholders (Universities, Ministry of Education, Quality Assurance Agencies, Students and Families) was underlined. 

The MANAGEMENT MEETING that followed was intended to cover all technical aspects related to the Project, to assess the project state of art according to WPs and deliverables, including the financial issues as well as the definition of the sustainability plan. 

In the third day of the meeting, an Official Meeting with the University of Bologna took place:  the Vietnamese delegation was invited by the International Relations Office of University of Bologna for a discussion regarding further cooperation between the University of Bologna and the Vietnamese Universities, part of VOYAGE Project.

Main reults of the meeting:

-Draft sustainability plan (updated version)

-Pilot Survey "Graduands and Graduates Profile"

-Quality Assurance Analysis (Voyage Questionnaire and European ENQA standard; Voyage Questionnaire, ENQA and Vietnamese Standards on Higher Education Quality Assessment -HEQA)


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