Signature of the Memorandum of Understanding

Signature of Voyage Sustainability Plan

Interview with the Deputy Minister of Higher Education (NUAE, October 2017)

Article on Journal "Tuoi Tre Thu Do" (young people in Hanoi) entitled "Opportunities given by the Voyage Project to the young graduates"

Article on Voyage Project on the Journal "Lao Dong" (Labour) entitled "Promote access to the labour market in Vietnam"

Article on Voyage Project on the Journal "Bao moi" (New journal) entitled " Improving access to labour market "

Presentation of Voyage Project to enterprises based in Hanoi and belonging to HIZA-Export Processing Zones

Voyage Project Presentation to students of Hanoi Universityễ-ra-mắt-dự-án-dự-án-voyage.html

Dissemination of information of how access the Voyage Platform (HANU)

Article on "ICT news" on collaboration between AlmaLaurea and PTIT university under Voyage Project