The final conference of the Voyage Project took place in Hanoi at HANU University on September 2018. The conference saw the participation of the whole project consortium and of many participants from organization interested in the project. The total number of participants in the first meeting day was more than 80, including many representatives of Vietnmase Unviersities interested in the project  (among these Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics, Nguyen tat Thanh University, Thai Nguyen University, Vietnam University of Agriculture, Ho Chi Minh Open University) and representatives of business community as well as of Vietnamese students. Representatives of the three new Universities that joined the Voyage Platform in its third year of project implementation: Tran Thi Lan Anh, Hanoi University of Home Affair, Phan Hue, Ha Long University, Vu Hoai Nam, Hanoi College of Tourism.

Among the istitutional representatives: Ms. Tran Thi Phuong, representative of Ministry of Education and Trainings, the S.R. of Vietnam; Ms. Cecilia Piccioni, Ambassador of Italy in Vietnam,  Mr. Antoine Vander Elst, Delegation of the European Union to Vietnam. 



The relevance of the project Voyage and the important results achieved during the three years of the implementation period was underlined by the project consortium and by external stakeholders: the Italian Ambassador in Vietnam stressed the importance and increasing of relations between Europe, Italy and Vietnam, not only in trade sector but also in the field of Higher Education.  Voyage Project is considered an opportunity for both areas, Europe and Asia, for develop new form of collaboration and increase the cooperation in the field of Higher Education.

The representative of the European Delegation in Vietnam underlined that the cooperation between universities and enterprises represent a crucial factor for improving the employability of graduates.

All the participant stressed the relevance to continue the collaboration and enlarge the initiative with new ideas and services for students, graduates and universities. Students and companies expressed their satisfaction in Voyage Platform, helping them in finding faster and better jobs.

As a matter of fact, a key challenges for the Ministry of Education in the governance of the Higher Education for the future is to obtain reliable information on the graduates’ employment situation.  The Ministry mentioned that the created Voyage Platform represent an ideal baseline for develop a structural and systematic tool for analysis of the employment situation of Vietnamese graduates.


Among the main results of the meeting: the presentation of the Graduands and Graduates profile survey, the presentation of the final report on skill needs and best practice for internship promotion, the discussion of sustainability of the initiative and future collaboration, bilateral meeting between technician of AlmaLaurea and Vietnamese universities, bilateral  meeting between European partners and Vietnamese universities interested in future collaboration